• MATERIAL: See below
  • SIZE: W350/H315/D135
  • COLORS: Black, beige or navy
  • WEIGHT: 525g

This series is a total casual series with original fabric woven by a combination of threads made from a traditional Japanese paper yarns and nylon threads, emphasizing on MADE IN JAPAN products. The series has a wide range of models suited for various lifestyles, usage and ages.

The material is an original paper nylon cloth woven by paper yarns and nylon threads in plain weave. Shiny nylon material highlights natural looks of paper yarn. The irregular coloring of paper yarns, the gross of nylon threads, the unique texture created by the color contrast are its characteristics, since we apply 2 different woven yarns which are not dyed equally.

Paper yarns are made from Manila hamp and drained through a screen, twisted thinner and longer after slitting and made fibers in hollow. It is more durable and 1/2 lighter in weight compared to regular cotton threads and you can feel smoothly touches. Also the Manila hemp in this product is an eco-friendly natural fiber, which has been grown up only by water without any pesticide.

The bonding finish keeps it lightweight. We apply durable high water resistant coating on both side of fabric to protect from water and dirt. It is designed to be simple and basic to match any styles and gray color interior to rise up visibility.

※What is OJO+
OJO+ is a paper yarn made from Manila hemp, produced by Oji Fiber Co., Ltd. As the manufacturing process of paper yarn is fundamentally different from that of conventional spun yarn or filament yarn, it should be called "The Third Way of Manufacturing Fiber." It enables mass production of natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable fibers in Japan. The paper yarn OJO+, natural filament fiber, has dramatically widened its application in the textile world. This eco-friendly OJO+ has been presenting with its new texture and feel to people all over the world.

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