Frank Day Pack (S)

Frank Day Pack (S)



Outside: Horse leather (Chrome tanned) Inside: Cotton satin (Urethane coating) 

  • Ref: 198-01345
  • SIZE: W280/H385/D120
  • COLORS: Navy, black, brown
  • WEIGHT: 635g / 14Litre
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The series adds new color NAVY in 2016AW. 

Natural leather gathered from various places in Europe are finished by a tannery specialized in horse leather that is very few in Japan. Oil is combined with dye and interfused into leather in a drum, instead of using it for finishing. The leather is rubbed to make its surface smooth and soft. It retains a natural texture that is different from the ones with surface finish like embossing and pigment-dyeing. Unevenness in delicate color creates richer taste, so that when you look closer you will notice each has a distinctive texture. 

To maximize lightness and softness of horse leather, few metal parts are used and soft lining is adopted. Cotton satin is used for lining to access the contents smoothly. 

Lining is made simple and light. All types come with a pouch so that you can use it like a removable pocket. Since soft leather stretches and an embossing tends to be unclear, a PORTER logo is embossed on the surface with core material sheeted on the back of the leather. Because the core material get fixed by heat, the logo stays clear for a long time.

Please note that we only processed adjusting color on the leather in this series, not covered with surface finishing, in order to keep its natural texture. Also please note that the leather appears individually its scratching marks and foils, because short hairy horses tend to receive external obstacles easily from their circumstances. Please kindly understand that the products are designed with its natural leather to make you enjoy texture of the real leather.