Outside: X-C1000 (X-PAC CORDURA nylon, no X-PLY for some parts)
Inside: 210D nylon ox (black HypalonR coating)
Part: Cow steerhide leather (water repellent finish)

  • Ref: 737-17800
  • SIZE: W420/H300/D115
  • COLORS: Black only
  • WEIGHT: 1,120g
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In the same series that announced lightweight business in the concept, casual items were added in response to the voice of everyone who wants items other than business use. Original fabric "X - C1000" as the main material, finished in a simple design so that you can use it for a wide range of customers. 

"X - C1000" 
Two companies, DIMENSION - POLYANT which is well - established in the development of sail (sail) fabric used for yachts and wind surfing, and INVISTA company which produces many high quality materials used in outdoor etc It is an original fabric developed with cooperation. By placing polyester called X-PLY twisted on the back side of 1000 denier Cordura® nylon which is also very excellent in strength but also lightness in the direction of bias (diagonal to the fabric) It also suppresses the elongation in the oblique direction which is the weak point of the fabric and furthermore laminates (crimping) the very thin PET film of polyester material similarly to it by the patent manufacturing method, sealing the texture of the fabric, and invasion of water such as rain and sweat It made it possible to prevent, It is a material combining strength, lightness and waterproofness. 

It is also a point where we aimed at lightening more than it looks, although it is a thick solid fabric of 1000 denier. Depending on the part, in order to make the shape of the bag itself clean, I use fabrics that omitted X - PLY of X - C1000. 

Specification to sandwich the tape of the handle with the same tape from both sides, detail such as arranging balls beside the fastener to smooth opening and closing, mobile pocket by waterproof fastener, etc. It is also functional and it also serves as accent of design PORTER HYBRID He is alive. With the addition of casual items, the usage scene has expanded, enabling more versatile usage.