Outside: Densely woven nylon twill (PVC coating) Inside: Nylon ox (Surface: Silicon coating) (Back: Urethane coating) Parts: Cow steerhide leather (Combination tanned/Semi-aniline finish)

  • SIZE: W420/H300/D100
  • COLORS: Black, khaki, bronze or navy
  • WEIGHT: 1,120g
  • Laptop pocket

Total series consisted of casual bags and business items for people in wide age range, to match various styles and occasions, with bag’s true nature to “LIFT” in mind. Simple design is adopted, original parts with the full value of quality are used where required. Original nylon twill is densely woven with “strong spun nylon macaroni yarn”, which is made using 2 types of yarns: 210 denier nylon yarn as warp, and yarn made of several macaroni fibers as weft. Super fine yarns realize the thick yet lightweight fabric with volume and silky shine. Since the back of the fabric is PVC coated, the volume helps the bag to stay in shape, and the coating gives water resistant feature. Nylon ox fabric used for interlining is silicon coated, so that it is soft and helps smooth access to the belongings. All metal parts are matte black coated to enhance the fabric texture and sharpen the whole image. PORTER tag, also densely woven as the body fabric, is two-side pressed using heat-set finish, and embossed to express characters by concavity and convexity only, and create refined impression. A slit pocket with a fastener is set on outside (the location defers for each type) for easy access to frequently used items such as smartphones and pass holders. All bag types have removable key fobs as series’ icon, which can be attached to the loop on body interlining. 2 types of leather key fobs (sold separately) can be used alone or together with the bag by linking it to the metal parts attached to the bag body. Original metal parts of the key fob are the reproduction of the one to hold decoration in Germany in 1930’s. From that time, manufacturing has been active in the country, and small parts were made with high precision, although the manufacture is quite difficult even with modern techniques. We focus on these high skills and produce the parts based on them. PORTER embossing on the back uses the industrial method by press-cutting and embossing the stainless steel plate at the same time. Also, we adopt the finishing without any coating to maximize true texture of stainless steel.

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