ORGABITS x PORTER - Denim Long Wallet Rigid

ORGABITS x PORTER - Denim Long Wallet Rigid



  • Ref: 381-18140
  • COLORS: navy
  • WEIGHT: 180 g
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Organic cotton brand "Ogabitsu" items used denim. 
Because many interior zipper coin purses and card stages are provided, it is possible to organize bills, coins, cards and store them. A double ring is attached on the outside that can attach wallet cord etc. Bonner tape and interior decorated bonbon tape and leather arranged at the base of the double ring is a point. 

The denim being used is a 9 ounce original nepe denim woven thoroughly with low tension. The warp yarn uses 100% indigo dyed uneven yarn, and the weft yarn uses 100% organic cotton. By using uneven yarn in warp yarn, we are reproducing the fabric of vintage. Organic cotton used for weft yarn is a material attracting attention all over the world, aiming at enlarging organic farmland considering environmental pollution. 

This item is handled only for PORTER OMOTESANDO ¬∑ MARUNOUCHI ¬∑ OSAKA and Official Online Store. 

Organic Cotton Project" is the organic cotton spreading project in which the most apparel brands in Japan participate. Approximately 70 brands participate now in the "idea of ??reversal" to deliver 10% of goods to 100 times people regardless of 100% organic cotton, producing over 100 items per year. Its activities have expanded to the support of farmers and NPOs in the country of origin, and the circle has expanded as a social contribution activity that can participate fashionably through a single item.

Approximately 15% of pesticides used around the world and about 7% of agricultural chemicals are used (source Textile Exchange) for cotton produced by conventional cultivation methods, and various cotton such as soil contamination, environmental problems, etc. It contains the problem. On the other hand, organic cotton refers to organic cotton which is not used at all for agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilizers at all for more than three years. As the demand for organic cotton increases, cotton cultivation by traditional cultivation methods decreases, and it is expected that the above problem will be improved.