PORTER - Smoky 2Way Shoulder Bag

PORTER - Smoky 2Way Shoulder Bag



Cordura duck
(warp: cotton uneven thread 1000D weft: Cordura nylon 1000D)

  • Ref: 592-06366
  • Dimension: W270 / H400 / D230
  • Weight: 935 g
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Use the original cordura duck fabric woven using uneven yarn of Zimbabwe cotton for warp yarns and Cordura nylon yarn for weft yarn. A light black color called black ink complements the design. Popular series with accessories, business, casual and many others. 
The warp has a 1000 denier Zimbabwe cotton (organically grown in the altitude of 1,500 m above sea level in Zimbabwe, all harvests are hand picked, boasting top quality in the world, characterized by supple and beautiful gloss) Using a unique natural uneven thread, we used a 1000 denier Cordura ? nylon thread for weft thread to make it a high density plain weave. 
It is characterized by the texture that was not found in existing fabrics where the natural expression peculiar to the natural material called cotton, the strength of nylon, the sense of gloss and the like are compatible. You can enjoy fusion of high tech and low tech.