PORTER - Smoky Waist Bag L

PORTER - Smoky Waist Bag L



Cordura duck
(warp: cotton uneven thread 1000D weft: Cordura nylon 1000D)

  • Ref: 592-07600
  • Dimension: W 280 / H 160 / D 95
  • Weight: 555 g
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It is an additional type of PORTER SMOKY released to 2002 A / W. 

In the popular series using the original Corduera duck fabric, waist bags and backpacks, accessories with focus on wallets of popular fasteners in recent years have been added. 

The waist bag (07600) is easy to use because it can store things such as smartphones and notebooks in many outside pockets, and backpack (07576) fits much better on the back, you can also access the main storage from the side fastener directly Is possible. The mobile pouch (09988) is a size that allows smartphones of 5inch or less to be inserted, and iPhone 6 (4.7inch) can be stored. Round Zip type long bill (09989) with high storage capacity makes it easy to check the contents because the mouth is wide open, giving a smart impression in a clean form. The L-shaped wallet (09990) and wallet (09991) can compactly fold folded banknotes, cards, coins, etc. The card case (09992) is ideal for collecting not only business cards but also point cards . 

Material is warp yarn uneven yarn of Zimbabwe cotton cultivated at high altitude of 1,500 m above sea level and cordura ? duck cloth made into high density plain weave with Imverist 's 1000 denier Cordura ? nylon for weft yarn. 

Natural facial expressions unique to natural materials born by supple and durable Zimbabwe cotton to uneven yarn not uniform in thickness and existing textile having a strong sense of functionality and cordura nylon, It has a unique texture that was not found in. Since this fabric is woven with two kinds of materials with different characteristics, it does not stain evenly, and the color that leaves lightness is also attractive.