Counter Shade Backpack

Counter Shade Backpack



Table: nylon twill (polyester cotton bonding) 
Back: polyester taffeta

  • Ref: 381-05116
  • Size: W290/H470/D130
  • Color: Woodland Khaki
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It is "PORTER COUNTER SHADE" of cratica Yoshida only. Original color was created with a typical wood land pattern * in the camouflage pattern. 

It is a big tote bag with large mouth open and easy to put in and out. The handle is designed to be long so that the shoulder passes even for men. The interior is equipped with a PC pocket, you can use it with the shoulder strap on hand, shoulder 2WAY. 

"Counter shade" of the series name is one of the methods of camouflage trying to blend into the surrounding by dividing the color scheme of the part which hits the light and the part which becomes the shadow. 
Cratica Yoshida 3 stores (Omotesando · Marunouchi · Osaka) Limited series. 

Woodland pattern ※ 
handle assumes the use of in the coniferous forest zone in 1981, it has been developed.