• Ref: 382-17866
  • Size: W330 / H240 / D140
  • COLORS: black
  • WEIGHT: 740 g
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KURA CHIKA by PORTER ORIGINAL "PORTER THINGS" series which has a stereoscopic form and a stretch cord that stands out when carrying on the back. 

Fastener attached to the front part in a biased way, a three-dimensional form finished with pinching the corner of the diagonal. Stretch cords arranged in zigzag are stretchy and convenient for storing clothing, magazines, folding umbrellas etc. simply. 
Two stretch cords of two different colors of fluorescent green and black tones are attached, and you can enjoy replacement by mood like a sneaker's shoe race. 

Nylon twill with eyewear and shiny feeling that is strong in twill adopted as the main material is excellent in stain resistance and water repellency because Teflon® fabric protector processing on the surface and PVC processing on the back side. 
For the bottom of the main unit, we use 1680D Cordura Ballistic® nylon with high heat resistance, friction resistance and tearing strength, and by applying a urethane coating on the back of the fabric, it has lightness and suppleness. Although each cloth used is a single color, contrast is attractive due to the difference in materials. 

In addition, one of the major features is "Cubic Eye ® Piquérite" which was adopted for the first time in the world as a material for bags. 
This mesh material that is unevenly longitudinal ridge is a three-dimensional multifunctional material of a special three-dimensional honeycomb structure, and it is used in the field requiring advanced medical and sports related technology. "Breathability" "Insulation property" "Shock absorption" "Quick drying" It is a very excellent and versatile fabric.
The surface is uneven, and the body does not touch the dented part, so the ventilation is good and the steam coming out of sweat and body diverges. In addition, this dent reduces the pressure on the part where the body is in contact with the bag and reduces the obstruction of blood circulation, thereby alleviating the feeling of fatigue caused by wearing for a long time. It is knitted using 3 to 4 times the thread compared to ordinary mesh cloth, boasts excellent elasticity and strong cushioning property. 

The waist bag is a two layer structure with a large capacity main layer and partition pockets of mesh material convenient for organizing accessories. In the portion hitting the waist and shoulder, we use a solid core material, making the shape of the bag and making it more adhesive to the body. The unusual handle is attached to the waist bag and it makes it a versatile specification that can be used even as a handheld or as a support for taking out luggage. 

Design · Material · Functionality, stuck to everything KURA CHIKA by PORTER limited items. 

* Fluorescent green and black stretch cords are included.