Outside: Nylon twill (Silicon cire coating on top) (Triple-urethane coating on back)

  • SIZE: W360/H130/D90

  • COLORS: Black

  • WEIGHT: 65g

Travel item series themed “packing”, constructed with pouches in various sizes.
“If you pack things in pouches according to types and purposes, you can use your travel bag like a suitcase as a closet, and also utilize the limited space like a hotel room and a tent on camping”. This idea realizes the pouches in various sizes, for outerwear, shirt, t-shirt and underwear (socks and trunks), etc. You can choose the size according to your lifestyle and traveling days.
Shiny silicon cire finish nylon twill is used. Since it has smooth surface and gathers less dust, you can take out the pouches with no hassle. Mesh material on front makes the belongings visible and realizes easier packing by letting go of the air outside. Most of the items (excluding 09812, 09813 and 09815) have a clasp and nylon tape on the center of main fastener, so that you can open it with one action, just like opening a package of snacks.
We did not place pockets and sleeves on the lining intentionally so that you can choose and enjoy the flexible combination.
In addition, you can use the pouch itself as a shoulder bag using the strap sold separately. The strap itself can be used as a SLR or DSLR camera strap.

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